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Data Quality Standards

The South West Local Records Centres (LRCs) are committed to ensuring that the data they hold and provide is as accurate as possible, and work to regionally agreed standards of data quality.

Each of the SW LRCs has documented procedures for how their data is Validated and Verified, and these can be found on their websites.

The procedure details may vary between the LRCs, but all meet the SW LRC Minimum Standards in Species Data Validation and Verification that are described below.


Data Validation checks the completeness of information of the record
Data Verification checks the accuracy of the identification

SW LRC Minimum Standards for Species Data Validation

Each species record is checked to ensure that it qualifies as a record; and to ensure that the information on the record is an accurate reflection of the observation; for example, that the Grid Reference is correct with respect to the Location

Decisions on a suspect record's quality made during the data management process will be documented and include details of:

Where appropriate, the LRC will always keep the original submitted record, for possible future reference

Validation checks ensure that each species record has the following minimum information:

WHO made the record:

* The Recorder name must be on the submitted record, but it may be held on the database as 'Name withheld from database' (or similar comment)

WHAT they recorded:

WHEN the record was made (Date). This may be:

(NB A date may be inferred from other information on the record)

WHERE the record was made:

A record without this minimum information will not be stored on a SW LRC database

SW LRC Minimum Standards for Species Data Verification

Each record of an unusual sighting will be subject to a verification procedure to ensure correct identification of:

The verification procedure will be undertaken at the appropriate level of expertise, including:

If appropriate, the record may be downgraded to the appropriate level; however, the original identification will be retained by the LRC

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Page reviewed: 24/07/2012